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our location at Nussberg - a historic hill as part of Kahlenberg 

332 meters above sea level, the hill "Nussberg" is a foothill of Kahlenberg and is used for viticulture for around 500 years. It is hard to imagine that millions of years ago, this area was covered by the Pannonian Sea. When we build our house here we found evidence of that in the ground, a stone with fossil shells as you can see on the picture below. 

Nussberg is not only interesting because of its geology but also for in terms of cultural history. Celts and Romans are said to have settled here, probably due to its proximity to the Danube river, which was used for fishing and shipping. The most memorable year for Nussberg was probably year 1683, during the 2nd Turkish siege. On September 12, 1683, the imperial troops began with the descent on the southwest side of the Nussberg with the aim to reach the city center of Vienna. 

140 Years after that, Nussberg was known to be the place where Ludwig van Beethoven got hisinspiration for his music by hiking by himself on a regular basis. The Beethovenpark and the Beethovengang close by remind us of this famous artist. Sources: geschichtewiki.wien.gv.at/Kahlenberg , wikipedia.org/wiki/Nussberg_(Wien)