picnic delivery in Vienna!

enjoy vegan, vegetarian or traditional snacks - regional and organic

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Saturday, Sunday, Holiday 10 am to 9 pm, in good weather.

(the basket must be returned on the same day)

delivery within the 19th district of Vienna and public places nearby

(self pick-up location: Kahlenbergerstr. 130, 1190 Vienna)


omnivore, mixed





about us

I started this business because I would like to share the beauty of Vienna with you. With the support of my daughter I aim to work as sustainable as possible, for a positive future. This is why we only use organic products from the region.


We only have a limited amount of baskets, which is why we urge you to book yours online in advance. You can do so in our online shop, by writing us an email or giving us a call. We also offer give vouchers, which you can purchase directly online.

our network

We choose our partners wisely, considering sustainability and ethics. Together with these regional companies we want to show how much Austria has to offer. Please find more information here, as we value transparency and are very proud of our partners. 

Vienna picnic: Kahlenberg, Nussberg 1190 Vienna
Would you like to take a trip around Vienna, hike a bit, enjoy nature, enjoy a breathtaking view of Vienna and enjoy regional, culinary delights? We deliever baskets to public places with a view, such as Bellevuewiese in Grinzing Vienna. Nearby you find the Beethoven Monument - Beethovengang - Beethovenhaus and the famous Viennese vineyards. 

Rent a picnic basket: best order online
Our picnic baskets are almost plastic-free: metal cutlery, wine glasses, ceramic plates. The delicacies are packaged in glasses or in oilcloths from "dasWachstuch.at" - we strive for zero waste. Vegan filled basket - vegetarian filled basket - traditionally filled basket. Order online - so that we can also be careful when processing the food and don't waste anything - ordering by phone is also possible - or simply - place an email order. Rent a picnic basket - we deliver the basket to a cozy place in the area - enjoy a view of Vienna - enjoy the delicacies - and return the basket on your own or we pick it up again - and then continue hiking - or continue the walk to the town of Nussdorf - and end the day there at the Heuriger Kierlinger.

Delicious picnic from Gabriele Rudolfine Hofhans
Whether enjoying a picnic alone - picnic for two - picnic for larger groups - it is always better to reserve - reservation online - reservation by phone - reservation email - no cancellation fees. We try not to waste food and only produce a limited number of delicacies. Vienna-Nussdorf is part of the 19th district -Döbling. The place is known for its wine - mixed set DAC - Heuriger. And the place is known for the fact that Beethoven lived here. There is a Beethoven Museum, Beethoven Park, the Beethovengang, the Beethoven Monument and the Beethoven House.

have a picnic in Vienna and enjoy self made snacks

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