our partnerships - stronger together

It is important to us to not only offer a culinary experience with a beautiful view over Vienna but also to value the loving work of our partners. We choose our cooperations wisely, considering their ethics and sustainable practices. They are mostly local family-run businesses or regional companies. 
However, we are a start-up, working step by step and always trying to improve.

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Das Wachstuch

While looking for a sustainable alternative for wrapping fresh products I found Moritz Weberhofer. The young man makes his own contribution against climate change by producing wrapping paper out of bee wax. His motto is „small things can make a big difference“ and we could not agree more. 

Mohr-Sederl Fruchtwelt

Family Mohr-Sederl has produced high quality products from their fruits over generations. Their business has an incredible power of innovation.  The production itself, the packaging and the range have grown and improved over the times due to their aim of producing really good products.

Greiner Backstube

The baker situated at the beginning of the famous Kahlenbergerstraße does not only provide us with fresh bread but is also a supplier for the local community of Nußdorf and one of the only places which is open on Sundays.


The winemaker I trust. Since 1787 family Kierlinger is located in Nußdorf and well-known for their wine, especially the DAC Gemischter Satz. It is now already the 7th generation of winemakers. Directly at the D tram stop "Nußdorf" they have an idyllic wine restaurant with a big yard where you can enjoy not only the wine but also Austrian Schmankerl and music.

Les Jardins de la Comtesse

Our baskets are the only product which is not from Austria. They are lovingly made in France, from a family company which values tradition. We made a compromise because we value their plastic-free content and their respect for values. 

Quinoa from Waldviertel

The multi-generation farm in small, beautiful Hausbach in the north of the Waldviertel has been cultivating for decades. Here, the passion and experience for farming is passed on from generation to generation. Since 2 Years they grow quinoa, an ideal nutrient supplier with high vegetable protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Unlike rye or wheat, quinoa is not a sweet grass, therefor the seeds are gluten-free. After the harvest in August and September, the grain is cleaned and sieved by machine. Then it is sieved by hand to filter possible impurities and residues, which is necessary to separate the bitter skin from the delicious grain.