our philosophy

Servus, my name is Gaby,

founder of Schmankerl Picknick

Schmankerl  is an Austrian term for
special treats from the region. 
It is my wish to show you breathtaking views over
beautiful Vienna and combine it with a culinary experience of homemade
Schmankerl . 

Vienna is one of the most live-able cities in the world. 
With my picnic experience I would like to provide you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the city in your own pace
 with some treats of the region. 

I try to focus on the little things while not forgetting the bigger picture. This is why I purchase as many products as possible without using plastic or paper. 
We are always working on improvements and hope to have you on our side in protecting the environment and ask you to not leave anything behind when leaving your picnic spot. 

As a thank you, you will find a positive note in every basket.